Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Civil war soldiers

In today's episode of 'things from when I had no computer', some different types of soldiers from the English Civil War.

Researching these turned out to be very hard, there was a lot of conflicting information. For example, would a pikeman have a sword? I found books saying both yes and no. In the end I thought that being in the front line with only a heavy, 3-4 metre spear would practically be suicide, and I couldn't see anyone agreeing to do it unless they also had a close-range weapon.

Anyway, I did my best with the sources I could find, but I won't be surprised if a historian pops up and points out lots of problems!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Cells, bacterium, virus

Today in ‘things I couldn’t post during computer trouble’, cell diagrams.

I was working on the sort of diagrams I remember from school, so I tried plant and animal cells at the two levels of detail you’d see at GCSE and A Level here in the UK, and a virus and bacterium for good measure.

I’d like to also try a more 3D approach, as they’re getting more popular in textbooks.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Plants etc.

I realised I never posted these diagrams I drew last year! I've been working on some non-fiction illustrations to expand my portfolio.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Christmas Card Sets

Remember those Christmas cards I posted last year? I decided to have a go at selling them in these little sets. I'll have these at Thought Bubble this weekend, but I've also put them on my Etsy shop.

It took quite a while to put these all in cellophane like that so I hope I can sell at least a few!

Friday, 31 October 2014

Inktober 2014 - Happy Halloween!

Last one! Tabitha is very proud to have been entrusted with Granny's Hallowe'en deliveries this year, although she still hasn't quite got the hang of flying with her hat on.

This probably would have turned out an awful lot better if I'd used watercolour instead of coloured ink, but since Inktober is all about getting better at using ink that didn't seem to be within the spirit of the challenge. So I used coloured ink and messed it up, but I'm okay with that.

Inktober 2014 - part 5

Day 25 - cartridge pen. This is the same pen I use for ink and water, but without the water there's no way to correct my horrible perspective.

Day 26 - fineliner, grey pens and ink painter. This is the same Derwent fineliner and one of their new ink paint pens that I was given at LICAF. Nettle and Spider are not really the same height, but they look more dramatic this way.

Day 27 - g-pen. Since I drew Chiihon, here's her friend the Devil Boy, who is a pre-Disaster vrega. Their planet was not a nice place to live back then. (It's not now either, but at least it doesn't make your teeth fall out any more.)

27.5 - ink and water. My manager wanted me to draw a lightbulb in ink, so I did.

Day 28 - g-pen. I think I made Nettle too short this time. She probably wants the hug but doesn't really know how to express that, so she'll just stand there awkwardly until it stops.

Day 29 - brush pen. Meruch likes to carry Violet because otherwise all he can see is the top of her head.

Day 30 - mapping pen. Ely's toenails are just as long and gross as her fingernails.

Inktober 2014 - part 4

I got ill in the week before London MCM, so between that and con prep I fell very behind on these. I think the next one that was drawn on the right day is 29.

Day 19 - g-pen. I inked this on a moving train. Visuk thought being carried by Merush would be fin, but it turns out it's mostly embarrassing.

Day 20 - ink and water. I realised I'd never drawn Lottie in ink and water, so here she is.

Day 21 - mapping pen. I wasn't totally happy with the way I drew Trispin's standard glamour, so here's another try.

Day 22 - ink and water. Adventures in late-night character design. This is the doctor on Meruch and Visuk's ship. He's also a priest, which is common. He wears the ponytail and that vial for religious reasons, and is a lot older than he looks to humans. (He looks his age to other Vrega, since they know what they're looking for.)

Day 23 - g-pen. This is where I fell behind, I sketched this on the 24th, but didn't ink it until the 27th. This is Chiihon, who appears to be a mammal but is really a carnivorous plant. Her people eat their planet's native hominids.

Day 24 - ink and water. I tried drawing the Crowboy this way too.