Monday, 13 October 2014

Inktober 2014 - part 2

Day 7 - Ink and water. Trying to see if I could do good smoke effects with this technique.

Day 8 - brush pen and G-pen. The mirror twins might be ghosts or they might just be creepy. (Although they're certainly not 'mirror twins' in the medical sense.)

Day 9 - gel pen and brush pen. Violet doesn't need a ladder, she can just climb on her giant alien.

Day 10 - gel pen. I was torn between wanting to draw a background and really, really, not wanting to draw anything.

Day 11 - brush inking and ink wash. I found some white ink after I finished this one so I had a go at using it for highlights.

Day 12 - mapping pen. My cheap mapping pens remain my favourite inking tools. Don't take any food Trispin offers you.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Inktober 2014 - Part 1

Day 1 - ink and water. A lesson in how ink and water can go horribly wrong. I chose the wrong cartridge pen so it was doomed from the beginning.

Day 2 - brush inking and ink wash. One day I'll be confident enough in this medium to use it outside of Inktober.

Day 3 - G-pen. Simple headshots to break in a new pen.

Day 4 - ink and water. I felt bad for messing up Louise on the first day, so I drew her again with the right cartridge pen.

Day 5 - various. I was still quite tired from a convention at the weekend so I scribbled up some Poppets in various ways. Smiling Poppet with the G-pen, happy Poppet in ink and water, angry Poppet with a brush, surprised Poppet with a mapping pen, sad Poppet with a brush pen.

Day 6 - brush inking. Lena is wearing her brother's jacket.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Music Zine Highlights

Some highlights from the new issue of This Is Not A Serious Music Publication. I was introduced to a lot of new music this year, so it was much easier to come up with feature ideas than last time!

Sammy's already put this issue up for sale in her shop.

Friday, 22 August 2014


Another baby portrait, this time with a jungle theme. I had a good time shading all the foliage on this one.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Mystery of the Nice Granny

This year's free mini-mystery, The Mystery of the Nice Granny.

As usual, I'll be giving these out as business cards at conventions. Some events I'll be tabling at with Sammy include:

Comica Comiket - 16th August 2014
Bristol Comic and Zine Fair - 4th October 2014
LICAF Comics Clock Tower - 17th-19th October 2014
Thought Bubble - 15th - 16th November 2014
True Believers Comic Festival - 7th February 2015

If you'd like some free mini-comics, remember the secret password: 'do you have a business card?'

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Adventures in Book-Binding

Recently my co-worker paid me to make her some custom books. She wanted two in the same dimensions as a lined notebook she already had, but one which had plain paper so she could write in it horizontally, and one which opened at the short edge to form a very long, thin double page spread. That one also needed heavy paper, so she could paint in it if she wanted.

It was a lot of fun making something different to my usual A6 notebooks, but cutting the pages to a custom size left me with a lot of off-cuts. So, naturally, I made those into books too. I got four mini notebooks out of them, in two different sizes. (I photographed them with an A6 book for comparison.) I'll have the minis to sell at Manchester MCM later this month.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Barnabas Oley Bookplates

Finally, things that aren't fairies!

I was hired to make some designs for my old primary school (Barnabas Oley), that could be used either as certificates or as bookplates for excellence or progress in handwriting. I hand-wrote the text using the letter forms the children learn.