Wednesday, 2 April 2014


I heard my Grandma has shingles, so I whipped up a get-well-soon card for her. I hope it cheers her up until she feels better.

These... may not be the most botanically accurate windflowers I've ever drawn...

Monday, 17 March 2014


The front cover for a compilation of all my Bear Pit comics so far.

I think I need to specifically practice covers. Every time I have to make one, even for my own comics, I spend at least one working day banging my head on my desk, unable to think of any appropriate ideas. I just don't want to misrepresent the contents of the book!

Friday, 28 February 2014

2014 Monthly Challenges

Well, this is a little embarrassing after only two months, but I need to stop doing these daily drawing challenges. I got a stern talking-to* from my good friend Sammy, pointing out that for someone so upset about not finishing my new portfolios last year, I was investing a surprising amount of time in doing unrelated drawings every day. She's right, it was a bad decision. Hopefully I can actually manage to stay focused from now on!

* 'a stern talking-to' here means 'some gently worded advice'.

Fanart February - Days 27 & 28

Day 27 - Link from Legend of Zelda... um... Twilight Princess? I just wanted to draw an adult Link, so his face isn't right for TP, but that is where I referenced his clothes from.

Day 28 - Last but not least, Duo from Gundam Wing. Obviously I wasn't going to get through a fanart challenge without at least one picture of Duo and his stupid trousers.

Fanart February - Day 26

Day 26 - Antimony Carver from Gunnerkrigg Court. I coloured her for marker practice, but I wasn't too pleased with the final result, so I also messed around with it in Photoshop and made two alternative versions.

Fanart February - Days 24 & 25

Day 24 - Haru from Free!

Day 24 - Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender